Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alex and Max

Ms. Niki at school sent this picture to me yesterday of Alex and Max having fun. Niki is also Alex's mom. They look so cute. When I came to pick Max up a little later, he and his buddies Charles and Leo had created a train out of the tricycles. They are so ambitious.

Finn is walking around as if he never did anything but. My little baby is so big! Can't believe he is walking. He is also picking up everything he finds on the floor inside and on the ground outside and it goes into his mouth. It is awful but it is impossible to stop him every gross. Funny how Max never did that. He would "find" things on the floor and bring them to us but he would not place it in his mouth. Finn's hair is getting a little longer around the ears and curls slightly. So cute. His eyes are bright blue and he is (nearly) almost happy. Our adorable baby.

Max is taking swim lessons at the YMCA. He just finished the second week/first session today. He likes it a lot, even though his buddy Charles isn't in the same swim group this year. Max is getting better and better and his report card showed that he is comfortable in the water, listens well and is doing great. Upon the return from our trip to Sweden, he will take another two-week swim lesson. Wonder when he will actually learn to swim? Being outside by the pool every day has made him so tan. We slather on sunscreen in the morning and he just turns brown. No burning, just beautiful olive skin. Lucky him.

Tomorrow, Brent and Max are leaving for Utah where they will meet up with Brian, Holly and the girls and Todd who flew out today. They will have a great time and it will be fun for Max to see his cousins. He hasn't seen them since October. Finn and I are staying behind. With the upcoming trip overseas, it would be just too much for us to have just a few days between two trips. I am looking forward to some quality time with just Finn this weekend. On Sunday evening and Monday, I get to see my big boy again and we will plan something fun for the 4th.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Max on Uncle Scott's Zero bike - fully electric and as quiet as a golf cart when running!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finn is really attached to his Mommy at the moment. I can barely put him down and if I leave the room, he becomes pretty unhappy. It is kind of annoying but at the same time it is pretty cute. He really likes attention. When we all sit down for dinner at night, he lets us know when the attention isn't focused quite enough on him. He screams. It isn't great. Another thing he does to gain attention instead of screaming, is clapping. He claps his little hands with lots of enthusiasm and smiles! It is adorable. You can't really do anything but join in and smile back and tell him how cute he is. It works. Karen sent us home with Luke and Brinn's push cart the other day. Finn loves it. He walks up and down the drive way and side walk and looks so happy! He has taken a few steps but with that cart, he is fast! And his babbling - mostly Dada and I am okay with that. We swear he also says "titta" which means "see" or "look" - it was also one of Max's first words. Finn's hair is blonde and his eyes very blue. His hair is growing longer and I hope he will have little curls, just like Max did at this age. We are so lucky. We get to experience this "almost one" stage once more. I love it. Tonight, Brent is visiting a friend in SF and I had the evening alone with the boys. We walked to Wrap This for dinner. Max was great and listened so well, chatted up a storm and overall just awesome. Finn was happy in his stroller and behaved just fine at the restaurant. He is entertained by his brother and wants to do everything Max does. What a great evening it has been with my beautiful boys. I could not possibly love them more than I do.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Max's birthday

On June 13th, Max finally turned four. He couldn't wait. His birthday party was held at the beach on Saturday the 11th and we had a great turnout! Lots of friends from school and several neighbors. The kids had fun and Max loved every minute of his party. Later in the day while back at home, he opened all his presents. There were so many. So fun. On his actual birthday, we celebrated him in the morning. We brought brownies to school for everyone. That evening, we went to In & Out Burgers and brought back dinner. We even had strawberry milk shakes! Max is already talking about next year's birthday party..

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Almost four..

Every day for the past few weeks, Max has been asking if it is his birthday. Soon, he will be four. To him, June 13h will never arrive. I assure him that soon, the big day will be here. The 11th of June is the day of his party and the 13th is his actual birthday. Ever since he started asking, we must have attended at least three birthday parties for his friends. He is now so anxious about his party, he can barely stand it! Today, I let him know that two of his friends from Central Nursery School are unable to make it to the party. He became so sad! Still, most everyone has said yes. It will be a big party.

I can't believe my first born is nearly four years old. He is so tall and looks more like five and is often mistaken for being older. My big boy. Does he know how much I love him? I tell him every day, hug on him constantly but still. With all the correcting and reprimanding taking place daily, does he think that all I do is tell him what he should and shouldn't do or does he truly know how loved he is? He was 7 lbs, 14 oz when he was born, a few days following his due date. He seemed so tiny. We talk about when he was a baby quite often. He likes to hear the stories about when he was brought home, about things he did and said as he grew older and how Finn reminds us of Max as a baby. We have experienced so much with Max in four years. We have traveled to Sweden twice, when he was six months old and when he was two. He has been to Delaware, Texas, Canada and all around the Bay Area. His most favorite play area is the beach. We are so thankful that we live near the coast. I honestly don't know what I would do if I wasn't able to take my child to the beach if he asked me to. He can ride his bike, his scooter, has tried skiing twice. He loves to play sports, including soccer and baseball. He is an active little guy who more than anything wants to be outside. He is interested in animals, mostly those who live in the sea. Our wonderful and amazing boy. How lucky and fortunate we are to have him. Happy almost birthday to you my son. I hope Saturday's party and your actual birthday will be everything you want it to be.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finn, who is a good sleeper nowadays has had some difficult nights lately. No wonder...we just noticed on Sunday that tooth number five is coming we go again!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Our baby is about to walk! Yesterday, Finn took a few steps at Colista's and today, he did so again while Kristina watched him. We hope to be able to witness it ourselves this weekend. Stay tuned..