Friday, March 21, 2014

our boys...recent photos.

max and i hanging out at the park

max in his baseball uniform and little brother watching

max bungee jumping at squaw

max at squaw

family bike ride
boys out for lunch with dad

my little guy at his favorite playground

Sunday, March 9, 2014

brent and max went skiing again this weekend while finn and i stayed home.  we had a great weekend, me and the little guy.  on friday evening, we went out for a stroll and visited the favorite neighborhood cat, mickey.  after bath and dinner, we watched a movie and ate popcorn.  on saturday morning, he rode his scooter all the way to the starbucks across from peet's and back.  not bad for a little guy on a scooter.  he fell once but didn't get too upset.  after finn's nap, we went to the playground and he rode his scooter again.  after that we headed to santana row for some shopping and dinner at pizza antica.  of course, finn remembered the pinkberry store and had to have some dessert.  i somehow resisted buying some for myself.  last night i watched "dallas buyers club" and it was good.  depressing, but good.  today we went to target, back to the playground for some more scooter riding and some driveway sweeping.  i had fun with my little man.

brent and max had a great trip.  max is becoming better and better at skiing after every visit and brent loves being able to ski with him.  lots of pride there.  we are glad to have them back home safely tonight.  the boys were so excited to see each other and got very wound up.  both max and finn are now overtired.  bed time was rough.  hoping they will soon be snoozing.  whats important is that all my boys are home.  my little family is complete.  good night.