Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finn's 15-month check-up

Yesterday, I took Finn to see Dr. Nancy for his 15-month check-up. He was exactly 16 months old but we are always behind on the check-ups. He did well. Was very busy as usual and tore the paper on the exam table but at least he didn't try to eat it this time.. He received two shots and barely cried at all. He was waving to everyone at the office upon leaving. Stats were as follows:

Height 33.5" (85.1 cm), 94.35% for age
Weight 24 lb, 1.9 oz (10.94 kg), 37.78% for age
Head Circumference 18.31" (46.5 cm), 25.17% for age

Very similar to Max's stats at this age. Our boys are so tall...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Target trip

Last night, Max wanted to go to Target to buy a new toy. With his own money, that is. We brought along the piggy bank and searched for about an hour for the perfect item. Most all the items he pointed at ended up costing more than the $9 or so that he had in his bank. He became quite disappointed. He was so cute. He just continued his search. I felt this sting inside, wanting to just let him have whatever he wanted. But, we are teaching him an important lesson. Besides that, it is almost Christmas and we all know that the kids will receive a pile of toys. And, thinking about all the kids who don't have anything at all, or very little...we are so lucky. Finally, Max ended up buying a game which cost only $4 and a puzzle, also $4. We counted out the coins at the cash register, four quarters at a time. We tried out the game as soon as we got home and laid the puzzle (100 pieces!) this morning. Max did an awesome job. He really is amazing at laying puzzles. I have decided that it is time for Max to receive a weekly allowance. Not sure how much, but I think he is ready.