Monday, August 25, 2014

brent took the boys to the sonoma race track on saturday!  this is the third year in a row brent and max have gone but it was finn's first time to come along.  the boys had such a blast and got to see the cars close up, talked to the drivers and were given all kinds of take-aways.  while they were gone, i spent a few hours creating my photo album for the sweden trip and am about ready to get it ordered/printed.  then i meet up with karen and brinn at the mall for a late lunch and some shopping.  fun times!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

summer is over..

summer has flown by and is officially over!  max began 2nd grade today and finn was moved up to the chief's group (the oldest group) at pre-school as of last monday. a very exciting week to say the least!  the boys have grown.  i swear they grew several inches each in the last two months.  trying to think back what happened since mid-june when i last blogged!.. 

max attended  a couple of week's of camp including lego robotics with his buddy luke and a basketball camp, both held at st martin's.  he took swim lessons for several weeks (6 in total i think) at ymca and forest cabana club with great results.  max can now swim very well in all directions.   freestyle is his fave.  besides those activities he hung out a lot with dad.  while dad worked, max worked in his journal given to him by his future 2nd grade teacher and in a workbook to help him stay focused over the summer.  there were quite a few trips to peet's coffee with dad and most likely several maple scones and hot chocolate treats for max.      

finn also took lessons through central nursery school for a total of 4 weeks.  he had a bit of a rough start with a swim teacher who let him get away with not participating 100% which was not okay.  he was switched to an experienced teacher who didn't buy into his tantrums and from there, all was great.  finn loves his pre-school and all the teachers.  he looks forward to seeing his best buddies; zane and connor at every day.  we have had instances when finn wants to go to school on the weekends.  i'm not taking offense to it.  just happy he is happy at school!  finn loves riding his bike to peet's on the weekend with his dad and often we all go.      

we spent 4th of july in tahoe with todd and shauna.  it was beautiful and fun and the kids loved it.  we flew to sweden in late july for 2 1/2 weeks.  we had a fantastic time in my home town ystad with lots of sun, beach visits, playtime with the cousins, evenings spent on outdoor patios and much more.  our vacation felt truly relaxing!  a separate blog on the Sweden trip soon to come.

in tahoe

in line at school - my boy looks so old..

serious chocolate milk with whip..
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max at tahoe lake

visit to SF zoo
SF zoo

at the pool with luke

beach time with the classmates

brinn and finn having fun


brinn turns 5!