Sunday, April 27, 2014


easter 2014 was great.  max's last day at school was the thursday before good friday and he attended an easter egg hunt put on by the extended care staff.  so fun!  on good friday he hung out with dad and just relaxed.  the following day we baked cookies that we shared with our closest neighbors together with home made easter cards by max.  and we colored eggs.  we spent a beautiful easter sunday with the uffelmans as we often do.  it started off with an easter egg hunt in their amazing backyard.  brinn and finn got half a minute start on the boys to ensure that everyone got eggs.  we had a fabulous brunch including mimosas and bloody mary's.  the weather couldn't have been better.  days like these remind us of how incredibly fortunate we are - to live in this amazing place with our healthy and beautiful kids and the best of friends.  so thankful!
ready to go easter egg hunting!
coloring eggs




Friday, April 18, 2014

seattle trip!

last friday, i flew to seattle for a girl's weekend.  carin flew from austin and met up with me there and together we visited ingrid who lives in seattle.  i had not seen ingrid in five years.  much too long!  we had an amazing time!  sightseeing, eating great dinners and catching up over wine.  i miss my girls already!

the pretty gals carin and ingrid

all of us in front of the space needle

chihuli art 

at top of space needle


selma and molly

the first starbucks 

the gum wall.  where lots and lots of visitors have attached their chewed gum to the wall...gross!

The boys

silly finn

lunch with boys at free birds

my beautiful boys in our beautiful backyard

picture by max - from open house at school