Saturday, February 19, 2011


I'm so thankful for my very good friends. A few hours of girl-time today with Karen and Kristen was great fun and much needed. Pedicures and lunch with to-die-for coffee made it perfect!
Finn is now eating cereal at least once a day and we have tried peas (not too popular), banana and pears. He gets so excited when he sees the bowl and spoon he can barely stand it! My little boy is not so small any more. He has outgrown the pj's size 6 months and wears those for a 9 month old. He babbles and laughs and is mostly happy. He sleeps much better (sometimes all night from around 8 to 5) which is heavenly! I love, love, love to get some sleep of my own and feel like a new person when I do! Yay!

Finn - 6 months

Finn was 6 months old on February 9th. He sat up on his own for the first time that evening! He loves to have Max roll a ball to him and then I help Finn roll it back to Max. While doing this, I let go of Finn and he sat on his very own! My big boy!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our weekend

We had another amazing weekend...70 and sunny. Unbelievable. Yesterday, Craig, Andrea & Alexis came over for a visit from SF. We hung out, made panini sandwiches and went to Blondie's for ice-cream. It was great to see them all.

Today, we spent hours over at the Rosegarden Park. Brent and Max rode their bikes there while I walked with Finn happily in the stroller. Our baby loves to be outside! Just like Max. They are "outdoor" kids. With weather like this, you don't want to sit inside! We met up with Max's friend Leo from school. Max and Leo rode their bikes around and around. Just a few minutes into it, Leo asked his Dad to remove the training wheels! He did great! Ella from school and her family joined us too and we had such a good time. Nice people! We should see them all more often. Max had such a blast! Finn is now asleep outside in the stroller and Max is watching a TV show in our bed. I hope he will nap for a while. He needs it!

Here is to a marvelous weekend! Too bad tomorrow is Monday..

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finn tries baby cereal

Finn has shown great excitement about wanting to try food for a while now. Anything we eat, he seem to want. So, we gave him baby cereal for the first time. He liked it, kind of. We kept it pretty runny and most of it ran out again. I think he got some of it down though! Funny enough, anytime it ran out of Finn's mouth, Max started to dry heave. Guess Max has a weak stomach..