Sunday, December 1, 2013

max's christmas list

max has prepared his christmas list for santa.  we need to get it in the mail to the north pole soon.  and finn's letter too.  i have a feeling santa may respond to their letters this year.  we will see....

sunday evening, 8:20pm and we are beat.  what a great holiday weekend.  thursday was filled with fun at the uffelmans.  friday was a work around the house and yard day which felt productive.  on saturday we visited with the morelands for their traditional saturday after thanksgiving beach day/evening at the most amazing beach where the kids play for hours and hours.  and today we went up into the santa cruz mountains to cut down our christmas tree.  the boys had fun running around and looking for "the" tree.  max got to pick out the tree.  brent cleaned the gutters (while smiling..) in preparation for the hanging of the lights on the house.  max and i decorated the tree and saved a few items for finn to hang when he woke up from his nap.  we finished off the last bit of thanksgiving left overs and are now chilling on the couch while the boys are trying to go to sleep.  a lot accomplished in a few days and lots of great memories collected.

Friday, November 29, 2013


we had such a great afternoon/evening with the uffelmans yesterday.  the dinner, the wine, the setting, the company - everything was just great.  so thankful for our friendship and the friendship our kids have with one another.  brent and brian had a chance to catch up over a cocktail or two (or 14).  we are all tired today but it was so fun and so worth it.  looking forward to next year already!

today has been a quiet day with time spent at home with the exception of my outing to starbucks this morning and brent's errand to lowe's.  the amazing weather continued and we spent time in the backyard doing yard work and playing.  we are so thankful - for our wonderful family, our dear friends, for being healthy and happy.  blessings to all and happy thanksgiving!  

brian's thanksgiving creation

the best hostess and host

kid's table

Sunday, November 24, 2013

great day

what a wonderful sunday.  brent brought me my coffee.  he and max joined friends and went fishing.  although finn and i missed them, i knew max would love the experience to go fishing in the ocean for the first time.  i was right.  they caught fish and octopus and saw seals and had so much fun.  very cool.  finn and i swept the driveway (because he wanted to) and spent time at the park where he played baseball and climbed on the monkey bars.  we talked and had lunch and played at home.  i had time to go through tons of paperwork while he napped which felt productive.  when brent and max got home, we hung out and brent cooked the best chicken - ever.  all three boys got to bed early and i am now having some time for myself, watching the american music awards.  it has been a great day.  

Saturday, November 23, 2013

first tooth lost!

max lost his first tooth today!  i actually don't even think it was loose but the lollypop daddy brought home from dallas last night helped it along...  the tooth is now waiting in the pocket of the tooth fairy pillow (that i thankfully bought on amazon recently).  i hope the tooth fairy comes through and brings him something great.


we did it.  we visited the happiest place on earth.  disneyland, that is.  we drove down and spent two full days at disney - one day at disneyland and the second at california adventures.  the boys didn't know where we were going and were pleasantly surprised when we arrived!

max's favorite experiences from the trip:
space mountain ride
star tours ride
the race car ride at cars land
tractor ride at cars land
it's a small world ride
watching disney movies in the lobby of the hotel
building a race car at "ridemakerz"
buying mickey mouse ears

finn's favorite memories:
meeting mickey mouse
spending time at toontown where mickey lives
the race car ride at cars land
star tours ride
it's a small world ride
building his mater fire truck at "ridemakerz"
buying mickey mouse ears

linda's favorites:
drinking champagne in the hotel lobby while the boys were watching disney movies on the tv nearby
riding the cars ride at cars land
people watching
seeing the boys so excited about being there!

brent's favorites:
dinner at the truck stop on the way to anaheim (he must be joking - it was nothing short of horrific)
having a cocktail in the lobby of the fabulous hotel in front of the fire place
riding the space mountain and cars rides with max

we had a great trip and a really nice time.  the hotel was only a few steps away from the parks and so very nice.  brent and i agree that two days was just right.  finn said the other day that he is going to live with mickey mouse in mickey's house and they are going to eat treats all day..candy and ice-cream and cake.   

Sunday, November 10, 2013

i know that halloween just passed and we haven't even gotten to thanksgiving, but max and finn are ready for christmas.  this evening, they are writing/drawing letters to santa.  while drawing, finn says:

"i am making this for santa.  he is going to be so happy, sa glad (swedish for so happy). he is going to bring us presents and apples and m&m's and cookies and cake and ice-cream.  and we are going to eat it all.  and for max too."

sounds good to me!
sunday afternoon and brent and i just returned from an overnight stay in napa with our friends craig and andrea.  we had a great wine tasting experience, especially at alpha omega winery where joe took great care of us.  the wine was spectacular, the setting beautiful and we learned so much.  we also enjoyed some great food in st helena and downtown napa.  our boys were at home with the amazing gals emeline and grace.  not sure what we would do without is so nice to have a break once in a while, if only for 30 or so hours.  our sweet boys - how we missed you.  you are adorable and wonderful and we love you!  it is nice to get away and even better to get back home!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

the weekend

it is sunday morning.  max and brent went to peet's and brought home coffee.  finn and i are being lazy and hanging out on the couch with ipad, laptop and books.  we set the clocks back an hour = yay!  the sun is shining and we will have another beautiful fall day.

yesterday was my birthday.  yet another year older.  it feels okay being 35...  although i feel a little under the weather - still, such a nice weekend.  i got a fabulous pedicure and reorganized my closet.  my family gave me two pairs of boots (ready for fall!), my friend delivered beautiful flowers and i received lots of sweet calls, texts and emails from friends and family.  our little family went to los altos grill for dinner and it was wonderful.  i feel blessed and lucky!

friday night = movie night!

bed head!

los altos grill
at dinner (finn looks less than happy..)


the boys looked forward to halloween since the beginning of october.  it finally came (and went) last week.  max got into his ninja costume on thursday morning in preparation for the school halloween parade.  i stayed and watched him and all the other first graders parade around the gym in front of the entire school.  first came kindergarten, then tk (transitional kindergarten) who looked a bit scared...then first grade and on up from there, grade by grade through grade 8.  what a difference a year makes.  i remember max in his batman costume last year, walking around the gym, looking at everyone.  he had just started at st. martin's a couple of months prior and was still trying to get used to school and trying to figure out his place there.  now, he and his buddies gave high fives to the older kids as they walked around the gym showing off their costumes.  they looked much more comfortable and self confident.

i picked up both max and finn early from school in the afternoon so they could have some downtime, eat an early dinner and be at the uffelmans by 6pm to start the fun of trick or treating!  we met up with other st. martin families and the kids walked (ran) together.  finn didn't seem to remember how to do it from last year but quickly got the hang of it!  after visiting a couple of houses, he looked at me and said "i want to do it again"!  so they did.  again, and again and again until their baskets were filled to the rim with candy and the clock was past 8pm.  it was time to get going since the following day was a school day.  a fun evening was had by all!  the boys chose 3 items to eat on the way home.  a quick bath and careful teeth brushing and in bed by 9.  whew!

trick or treat
a horse and a hippie..
ninja, fireman, luke skywalker and strawberry shortcake
my ninja up close

st. martin friends

we celebrated brent's birthday on 10/21.  max gave dad a ceramic plane he painted at petroglyphs. 

handsome boys

ready for halloween!


i don't want to go to school today

Friday, October 18, 2013

Carin and Julia visit!

carin & julia came to visit from austin last weekend.  she left mia and emma at home with jim and didn't know how ju-ju would do without her sisters.  she did just fine!  she was great on the flight both ways and with her having mom all to herself, she was a happy camper!  we spent some time at vasona park on saturday where marlene and lucy met up with us and just hung out in the backyard.  lots of trampoline time!  ju-ju liked hanging with the boys!  it was wonderful to have them here and finn and max have been talking about carin and ju-ju every day since they left.  finn thinks they are still on the big airplane on their way home..

Outing in the park followed by dinner outside

play time at the rosegarden park with friends, followed by dinner in the backyard.  

who's that?


Sunday, October 6, 2013

brent has worked hard in getting the back deck repainted and the patio spruced up.  we love our new lounge furniture and outdoor rug for the deck.  the dining table and bench was made from reclaimed wood by a local company.  it has a built in ice-bucket for the very important wine.  we searched for a while for the perfect metal dining chairs.  very happy with the overall result!