Monday, May 28, 2012

starbucks and peet's coffee have both been calling, wondering where brent and i have been for the last three or so weeks...  believe it or not, we have ended our daily visits (starbucks=me, peet's=brent) to these two establishments.  the reason?  our new nespresso!  this amazing little coffee machine thing makes a perfect latte, cappuccino, espresso or americano - whatever your heart desires.  best part...max learned quickly how to make my latte and brent's espresso. back to full service coffee but this time in the comfort of our own home. fabulosity all the way.  oh, and considering the cost of our previous program ($3.25 per person, per day), we are saving quite a bit of cash as well...

holiday weekend

our memorial day weekend is soon coming to an end.  it has been very relaxing and wonderful, which was the goal.  saturday was filled with yard work and overall clean up outside.  the boys played and we took walks around the court.  max got a much needed haircut.  he also wanted cheese quesadillas so we went to mondo burrito (his new favorite) for dinner.

todd and shauna joined us for a trip to san francisco on sunday where we enjoyed brunch/lunch in north beach followed by some shopping at union square/market street.  i got the most comfortable shoes EVER at the puma store.  we had a coffee break at mocca cafe (bring cash--no credit cards accepted--and lots of it when you go here.) i hope max enjoyed his $6.50 cup of hot chocolate while listening to the opera singers belching it out just a bit further down the alley.

the boys both slept until 8am this memorial day morning (!!) which was incredibly nice.  after a breakfast of waffles, we all rode our bikes to the "blue and red slide" park for so the boys could work off some of their energy.  back home for lunch and nap for finn.  brent and max hit some balls at the driving range while finn and i took his tricycle around the court, read books and played with cars.  brent grilled burgers and corn on the cob for dinner.  the boys have had their baths and are waiting for the brownies to cool off.  another hour or so and finn will be in bed, followed by max shortly thereafter.  i have some trash tv waiting on the dvr.  maybe i will be able to catch up on 'bethenny ever after" or "don't be tardy for the wedding" for a perfect ending to the weekend.

ps - the entire 3-day weekend without tv for the kids = simply wonderful!

Friday, May 25, 2012

finn's check-up

i took finn to see doctor nancy on friday afternoon for his 18-month check-up.  finn will be 2 years old on august 9.  you do the math.  yes, we are yet again a bit delinquent on the periodic check-ups.  anyway, finn did great.  i brought snacks which always helps.  my baby received his second hepatitis a immunization.  he didn't make a peep.  i'm not sure he even noticed it.  here are the details on his growth progress:

head circumference 48 centimeters
height 36.5 inches (92.7 centimeters) - 98th percentile
weight 26 pounds, 10.8 ounces (12.25 kilos) - below the 50th percentile mark

Thursday, May 24, 2012

finn talks a lot nowadays.  here are some new words/phrases:

"i do"
"ta-da" (while holding his arms up in the air)
"my turn"
"mer dada" (mer = more in swedish)
"he hit me" (also used when finn hits max)
"i want some"
"darn it" (yes--that's currently an "r" but, if history is any indication, could easily morph into dammit)

more to come--i'm sure of it. fingers crossed that the last one doesn't materialize.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

this past sunday was "mother's day" (although not in sweden until later in the month).  my sweet husband made breakfast and gave me beautiful flowers and my boys gave me handmade cards.  we had a nice and relaxing day with lunch at purple onion cafe in los gatos (my favorite) and later in the afternoon, i was able to watch a movie, in bed, my myself while brent and max were at the baseball field and finn napped.  awesome!  thank you to my beautiful boys and wonderful husband for making my life so unbelievably great.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the boys

here are some more photos from recent t-ball games.  i can barely stand how cute they all are in their uniforms.  we only have three weeks left.  i think we will all be sad when the season ends.  well, at least we have swimming to look forward to this summer.  and i am sure max will want to play t-ball again next year.


we recently took a couple of days off from work and headed to tahoe.  up on a sunday, back tuesday night.  three hours to the minute each way.  not bad.  there was still some snow on the ground in some areas and on the side of the mountains.  tahoe is such a beautiful place.  we had a nice and relaxing time with the boys.  here are some photos from our getaway.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


max has been playing t-ball for nine weeks or so now on the "bulls" team.  he really enjoys it and has become quite good!  we have practice every friday afternoon and games on saturday mornings.  in addition to luke, many friends from central nursery school play on the team including: kendall, austin, addison, ella and sienna.  brent is one of the coaches.  here are some photos from the opening season ceremony.