Thursday, January 24, 2013

before too much more time goes by, i better try to catch up on some blogging.  last friday we left for a weekend trip to tahoe.  the drive up was nothing short of m i s e r a b l e....because of traffic.  just awful.  we planned on leaving earlier but it just didn't happen.  we got to our hotel much too late late, the room was beyond hot, brent thought i brought twice the amount of stuff necessary and we (at least i) slept terrible.  the next morning at 8am brent wondered if i was getting up and also made sure to inform me that when he and max go up to tahoe to ski, he has it "down" when it comes to packing.  got it.  we got going and arrived at squaw resort, had breakfast, rented skis and boots for the boys + poles for max.  finn tried skiing with brent a couple of times while max was warming up at the kids area.  when finn and i headed back to the hotel for lunch and naps, brent and max went to high camp to ski.  after a (much too short) nap, finn tried skiing with brent again and had a blast.  we had an early dinner in tahoe city at the cutest restaurant (much too fancy for kids) right on the lake for an amazing, yet rushed dinner.  we managed to drink a couple of glasses of wine and keep the boys from destroying the restaurant by feeding them the part of the fancy dinner, bread and crackers and water and juice - anything to keep them relatively calm.  we were all exhausted.  we slept slightly better the second night although finn fell off the bed in the middle of the night.  we got going earlier the following morning and finn and i rode the tram up to high camp with brent and max and everyone else who were visiting squaw for the weekend.  the weather was gorgeous.  cold but sunny.  finn and i visited the ice skating rink but he didn't want to try skating and instead played in the snow.  we all had lunch together at the restaurant with beautiful views of the valley.  when finn and i rode the tram down, we were almost alone.  finn skied some more.  since he hadn't had a nap and was behind on sleep overall, it ended in a complete melt down.  it was time to hit the road.  we were packed and ready.  finn fell asleep less than 20 minutes into the ride back home which thankfully took just slightly more than 3 hours.  that made up for the trip up.  almost.  being cold and the whole culture of skiing just isn't my thing.  honestly.  but, the boys had so much fun - it was worth it.  maybe i will go back.  in about a year!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

it is sunday morning and finn (and i) slept in until after 8!  that is pretty much unheard of in our house so i very much appreciated it this morning.  brent and max called and were on their way to the slopes for their second day of skiing.  new snow was coming down.  finn and i had a great day yesterday. we took it easy in the morning, i medicated myself and we went to purple onion for coffee and hot chocolate and finn charmed everyone who would look at him, as usual.  after that, we played at bachman park.  back home, a quick lunch followed by 2 1/2 hour nap by finn while i watched a movie that brent would never, ever watch.  at 4:30 finn got a much-needed haircut by dara and then we went to mondo burrito for dinner.  since finn pretty much just played around, we took his dinner to go and he finished it at home.  good thing because when it was time to eat the sugar coated and messy treat (the churro), he ate that while taking a bath and my kitchen stayed relatively clean.  we talked to brent and max who were tired after a full day of skiing.  when finn was down for the night i logged onto the restoration hardware website and placed my order!  my order of bunk beds and bedding and much more for the boys' bedroom.  i simply can't wait for their room to be repainted and redecorated!  well, it is after 9 now.  we have had breakfast and although it isn't nice outside by any means, we need to get going and come up with something to do today.

Friday, January 4, 2013

brent and max are on their way to tahoe, as we speak.  finn and i were also going, but when i woke up this morning, i realized that you can't go to tahoe when you feel as bad as i feel.  i haven't felt good for almost a month now, off and on.  i'm pretty sick of being sick.  congestion, cold, sore throat, cough and as of today i have nearly lost my voice.  awesome.  so, i saw brent and max off, went to zanotto's for soup, ice-cream, us weekly magazine - items all very important when you don't feel well.  i picked up finn, went for a bike ride with him on his new glider.  he was gliding alright.  fast.  and i ran.  to keep up.  his balance is amazing.  when he turned into our drive way after a 30-40 minute outing, he said; "that was fun, mom"!  how cute is he?!  i got finn to eat almost all his dinner since i promised ice-cream for dessert.  he was eating his ice-cream (and i was enjoying mine i might add), looked up at me and said "this is yummy, mom".  i agreed.  thereafter...bath time, play time, snuggle time, brush teeth time and bed time.  some laying awake singing time too but within 30 minutes or so - quiet time.  my little guy.  just the two of us this weekend.  let's see if i can somehow feel better and come up with something fun to do with my finn.