Thursday, January 16, 2014


in early december, the first grade class at st. martin's went on a field trip to build-a-bear.  there, they chose, stuffed and clothed a bear each.  they brought them all back to school and one morning during the novena giving week, the kids showed the bears off to the school's students and us parents.  thereafter, all the bears were donated to the sacred hearts organization who in turn saw that the bears made it to children in need in time for christmas.  in addition to the bears, the school collected lots of new toys and with sacred heart's help, they reached thousands of kids in time for the holidays.  hopefully the cute bear max made ended up in the arms of a happy little boy or girl.

max and his bear

the class and all their bears

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 at a glance

  • finn went skiing for the first time
  • finn learned to ride a bike without training wheels on mother's day
  • max got his first par at pruneridge golf course
  • we went on a family vacation to sweden
  • the boys went fishing for the first time and max caught a fish within minutes
  • max started 1st grade at st. martin's
  • finn became a "brave" at central nursery school
  • max lost his first tooth
  • our first visit to disneyland!
  • we left the boys at home with sitters overnight for the first time and went wine tasting in napa
  • the boys went pony riding for the second time ever
  • max opened his own bank account 
we had a great year.  we are happy and healthy.  so thankful and blessed! looking forward to another wonderful year!


christmas is over.  it came and went rather quickly.  we both worked up until the 23rd.  i finished christmas shopping the morning of christmas eve.  nothing like waiting until the last minute..honestly, there wasn't enough time left over before then so i didn't have much of a choice. for christmas, we were home, just the four of us.  it was relaxing, quiet and nice.

building up to christmas, the boys were excited to see where our elf clyde appeared on a daily basis after leaving for to the north pole every night to report back to santa.  even more fun was to see what clyde left in the advent calendar.  a treat or a coin?  clyde left a note behind one day to let the boys know that he noticed them not listening very well and arguing with each other.  he asked them to do better and didn't leave them a treat.  another day he brought back letters from santa!  each letter was very personal and it was great to hear max read them out loud.  it made the boys even more excited about christmas!  when christmas morning finally came, max and finn woke up just before 7.  santa had been there!  our stockings were filled, the milk and cookies left out for santa almost completely gone and so were the carrots and apple left for the reindeers.  max received a fishing pole, beyblade toys and an invention set.  finn also got a fishing pole, a tennis racket and a light saber that changes color from blue to red and back. very cool.  we emptied our stockings and opened all the other presents under the tree from friends and family.  everyone was happy and the kids played with their new toys.

reading "elf on the shelf" one last time.  the next morning our elf clyde had left to go back to the north pole.  hope to see him again in a year.

we spent some time at the park in the afternoon in 70 degree weather and sunshine to try out the new soccer and basket ball, new planes and bow and arrow sets.
playing and running at the park

the following day, we drove to cooper garrod farm in saratoga nearby and the boys went pony riding.  it was sunny and gorgeous outside again and a perfect day for some horseback riding.  max rode spirit and finn was on simba.  they had such a great time.  the following day we spent time at the park again to work some of the energy out, took max to the doctor to check out his cough (thankfully nothing more than a cough for now..) and got the car washed.

waiting for the horses

finn on simba


max on spirit

lunch at opa

on saturday morning, we visited the bank and finally opened separate accounts for max and finn.  we have been talking about it for so long but it just hasn't happened until now.  we took down christmas and got everything packed up.  only the exterior lights on the house remain and need to come down.  we had dinner out with todd and shauna.

now we are looking forward to celebrating new year's eve with friends.  excited to see what 2014 has in store.

max at the bank opening his account

finn's ginger bread house

baking fun!

moving leaves at the park