Friday, July 27, 2012

max last day of swim lessons at the ymca was yesterday.  he swam for four weeks this summer through central nursery school and loved it!  he had john as his instructor for the second year in a row.  max's freestyle is awesome while his backstroke still needs some work.


here are some photos from a recent visit to rancho san antonio where we looked at the farm animals.  max was asked to help feed the chickens!  he loved it and did a great job.  the boys visited the goats, the sheep, the cow and pigs. so fun!

we made a trip to roaring camp railroad up in felton in santa cruz mountains a couple of weeks ago.  finn didn't like the sound from the train whistle and couldn't wait for the ride to be over.  max has experienced the train ride a couple of times before.  we ended the evening with dinner at tyrolean inn, our favorite german restaurant.  they have a play area for kids that kept max and finn entertained for long enough for brent and i to both order and finish dessert without the kids even knowing!  mean, i know.     

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Max and friends Leo, Addie, Ella and Luke all had a fun time at the park yesterday!

Monday, July 23, 2012

5-Year Checkup

5-year checkup last Friday. Stats:

Weight - 90%
Height - 99%
Disposition - periodically sweet with an inclination to disagree...


Friday, July 6, 2012

max - my handsome boy with your dark hair and green eyes and olive skin just like your dad.  a face so mature for being just five.  so active and althletic and filled with energy.  your little voice so cute and your laugh contageous.   

finn - my little blondie with your bright blue eyes, fair skin, pouty lips and cute nose, chubby thighs squeezed to make you laugh so hard.  watching and copying your brother's every move, no matter if good or bad. 

you are everything we could have ever wanted and you make us so proud and happy.

mom and dad 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

our july 4th celebration

we had a wonderful 4th of july celebration yesterday!  first, we took in the neighborhood parade from the sidewalk across from the rosegarden park.  the boys were excited and happily waved their flags.  it was cute.  craig and andrea visited with us in the afternoon and we just hung out, relaxed and grilled some skirt steak and corn.  brent, craig and max disappeared for an hour or so to go hit balls at the driving range.  finn was mesmerized with andrea and wanted her attention non-stop.  max thought the fireworks andrea brought were the best!  thanks craig and andrea for spending the day with us, for making your world famous guac and berry cobbler for dessert and for the fire works show!  pictures from yesterday coming soon..