Friday, October 3, 2014

brent has been traveling lately and was gone both this week and last week.  i have been busy with work and the boys!  they have been really good though and we had a really nice time, me and my beautiful boys.  no fighting, good listening for the most part and they did a great job getting ready and out the door in the morning.  last friday, during our traditional friday movie-night, we had cupcakes for dessert. 

cupcake treats
finn's drawing at school - "me and max"
today, max received a student recognition award in front of the entire school at the end of mass.  his award certification reads:

"max's quiet helpfulness sometimes gets unnoticed by his teachers but not by his fellow classmates.  students recognize max's contributions to the classroom, as he often helps others spell a difficult word or explain a new concept,  max is a great example of an engaged learner.  he is always focused and complete his work on time.  max's quiet demeanor does not prevent him from participating and contributing to classroom discussions.  he is always on task and adds a great deal to our classroom discussions.  thank you, max, for your hard work and assistance to your fellow classmates".

i could not be more proud. 

brent got home this afternoon - we missed him so much.  the boys are thrilled to have their dad home. dad and finn went to the driving range and out to dinner.  max chose to have movie-night and i loved hanging out and being close to him on the couch. 

like a friend told me this evening; "life is precious"..