Sunday, June 24, 2012

my brent.

thank you for being the most amazing father to our boys.  for teaching them things.  for playing with them.  for loving them the way you do.

thank you for being my husband.  for being so sweet and caring.

thank you for working so hard.  at your job.  at home.  for getting our backyard ready for max's party.  for repainting our bedroom in one evening.  for doing at least half of everything that needs to be done every day, every week, always.

thank you for making my life so amazing.  i love you.

Friday, June 22, 2012

here, finally, are some photos from max's birthday and the party held a few days later.  he had a great time with dad at the us open golf tournament on his actual birthday, june 13 (wednesday).  what 5-year old gets to go to the us open??!  max does!  the boys had a fun time and max was quite excited about seeing tiger woods!  "in real life, mom."  awesome.

a couple of days later (friday), his buddy luke turned 5.  max got to go with luke for a fun day at "happy hollow", followed by lunch at the uffelman casa and movie time.  they had such a great day.  at the end of the day, we joined them for dinner and dessert to celebrate luke.  fun night! 

the next day (saturday), it was time for the big birthday party! it was the hottest day of the year - of course. couldn't have been more miserable. 92 or 94 degrees i think. i took the boys to the park in the morning since they were bouncing off the walls and we (brent) spent the day getting the house in order for the festivities. lawn to be cut, house to be cleaned, pop-up tents to be put up, cake and balloons to be picked up, snacks to be put out, ice to be purchased and drinks to be chilled. lots going on and all of a suddent it was 4pm and the people began to arrive. we are so thankful to our neighbors and friends who helped us out with umbrellas and misting system and chairs! thank you all! although it was hotter than ever, the party was fun. the lizard lady was awesome and the kids loved her! we ate and drank and enjoyed everyone's company and appreciate so much everyone coming to celebrate our max.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

our max.  tomorrow you will turn 5.  i can't believe you will be 5!  you are so big.  so bright.  so handsome.  so willful.  my first born child.  i hope you know how special you are.  i cannot wait to celebrate you tomorrow.  i love you.


Monday, June 11, 2012

i can't remember if max was challenging at age two.  'terrible twos."  i suppose so.  i bet he was.  most all kids are and it all makes sense.  they are trying to show independence.  they want to try to do things on their own; make some decisions.  whatever the case might have been, i am sure (absolutely sure) that there is no way that max was as challenging at age two as he is at age (nearly) five.  no way.  not a chance.  we are going through a rough patch.  max is pushing buttons EVERY day.  we fight A LOT.  we take away MANY privileges.  he is so STUBBORN.

i don't know where he gets it...


Sunday, June 10, 2012

last night when max was saying goodnight to his brother, he said "finn, you are the best baby ever."  it was very cute.  they are so precious when they show each other how much love they have for one another.  sure, they fight too.  a lot.  sure do.  i hear it is normal.  

Saturday, June 2, 2012

the t-ball season is over.  max had his last game this morning.  if was fun, they did great and nobody got hurt or cried.  the game was followed by the closing ceremony and the entire team received their trophies.  what a proud moment for the bulls team!  it has been so fun to attend the games and get to know the parents of the other team members better.  what a great group of moms and dads!  we will miss the games and all the fun but bet we will keep busy with new activities very soon!

Friday, June 1, 2012

until recently, finn has been waking up before max in the mornings.  i go and pick him up from his crib and he and i sit together on the couch while he drinks his milk.  it is a special moment between just us that has been going on for many months that i treasure tremendously.  unless max isn't awake by 7am, finn and i go in and wake him up together.  this week, things changed.  on wednesday morning, we heard max wake up and begin talking to his little brother.  shortly thereafter, they both came running out from their room.  brent and i were a bit surprised to see finn following max out of the room as he sleeps in a crib with the mattress lowered to its lowest position.  how did he get out?  max said proudly; "i helped finn out of his crib"!  the next morning, it happened again.  this morning, i heard that finn was awake.  since max went to bed a bit late last night, i decided to go and pick finn up and let max sleep...just as max woke up.  max was rather unhappy to see that his little brother was already out of his bed.  it was something he wanted to help with.  i guess my special morning time with finn has come to an end.  i don't mind.  it has been replaced by a special moment between two brothers.