Sunday, July 14, 2013

i feel so very lucky.  i have a wonderful husband, two healthy and amazing boys, have a great job and live in the most amazing place.  it is sunday night and yet another weekend is about to be over.  again, it was a great one.  i took the boys to a birthday party saturday morning, we got quite a bit done around the house and saturday evening, we visited with dear friends and walked to a restaurant for dinner.  the kids played well and we all had a fun evening.  so relaxed.  so easy.  not the least forced.  today, we took it easy in the morning and for lunch, we headed to st. pedro square as we often do.  great spot with lots of choices while being close by.  the weather has been amazing.  the boys have played, jumped on the trampoline, laid puzzles and played games.  it feels nice and cool outside now and the doors and windows are open.  the boys are shooting hoops in the drive way  with their dad.  soon, it is time for bed.  i feel very thankful and blessed - there isn't a thing i am going without or need.  it is an amazing feeling.    

Friday, July 5, 2013


last weekend i went to see carin, jim and their girls in austin! mia is three and a half and twins julia (our god child) and emma just turned two in may.  it was so much fun to see them all.  i only met the girls once before and that was a year and a half ago!  they are adorable, very pretty and full of energy.  carin and jim bought a beautiful home in the southern part of austin, not too far from jim's office.  i failed to remember how green austin is - trees and green areas everywhere.  the weather was on the warm side with 104 degrees saturday (around 35 degrees celsius)!  it was wonderful to have a chance to catch up with my dear friend carin.  we looked through tons and tons of photo albums of when we were young(er) and even more amazing, if at all possible!  carin made some fabulous dinners and we had time to just hang out and play with the kids.  on sunday, jim got some help from his niece (who goes to school in austin) while carin and i went shopping.  we had a fun and successful day and i was sad to have to go home.  such a nice visit.  thanks for everything carin and jim!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Little Player

Second 9 is officially in the bag. Struggled a little off the tee but he did a great job keeping pace and he actually hit some impressive shots around the green (including a green-side bunker shot that I told him he should save for another day). Highlight was his first legit par on #8 (par 3 at Pruneridge). He's so excited to have his own equipment and seems to be fascinated with the game. He's watching Golf Channel almost as much as I do.

Leaving the clubhouse

En route to his first par

Arriving at the green