Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend with the Chambers

Carin and Jim were back visiting with us this weekend. We went to see the CCR's at Mountain Winery on Friday evening and had a great time. On Saturday, Carin and I got some shopping taken care of and enjoyed lunch at Pizza Anteca. The guys went surfing early on Sunday morning. Carin, Max and I followed a couple of hours later and hung out at the beach for a while. Max had a blast as usual. Mia is now due exactly 10 weeks from today. Can't wait to meet her at Christmas!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I picked up the "mini glider" bike today that Brent ordered for Max a couple of weeks ago. It is a bike without pedals, encouraging a child to balance when sitting in the seat and kicking their feet. Here are some highlights from Max's test ride.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Max received a much-needed haircut on Saturday - by Brent. The trick is to keep Max occupied. This is what worked. Dinner while watching TV! You do what you have to...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Three day weekend

Sadly, our three-day weekend is coming to an end. It has been great though! On Friday, the installation of our central heat/air was completed. Thank you to Dennis and his guys for making it happen in less than 24 hours. Now we share the Uffelman's excitement in having central air in a house built in the 1920's! It is nothing short of fabulous. Angelica made sure the house was spotless so Friday became a splendid start to a great weekend.

The Kennedys came over for lunch the next day. It was great to see them. It had been several months since we got together. It is not as if they live far away. They live in Willow Glen! We will try to do a better job in keeping up with them going forward.

Max and Luke had a blast at the beach on Sunday. We bought a wet-suit for Max at O'Neill's so he can play in the water longer without getting too cold. He looks adorable in his suit.

This morning, we went down to the park in Los Gatos to ride the train and the carousel. Max loved it as always and did not want to leave. I finally got some coffee in downtown Los Gatos after that. What is the reason again why we don't live there? Brent headed over the hill this afternoon to meet with Scott for some surfing. Max slept and I watched a movie. What a splendid life we live!