Sunday, September 29, 2013

sunday evening and the weekend is just about gone.  it was a good one.  productive one too.  we started off saturday morning with a bike ride to peet's for coffee and treats.  after lunch and while finn napped, brent brought up lots of boxes from the basement and i spent a few hours going through them.  found a whole box of clothes and shoes that fit finn - now washed and put away.  a bag of clothes now set aside for cousin masao and several bags of stuff dropped off at salvation army.  max and i went to see disney's movie "planes".  it was great.  when we got home, we all went out for dinner at st. pedro square.  today, we took it easy.  luke came over to play with the boys for a few hours.  i took my car in to be washed.  brent got a work out in.  after dinner, the boys wanted to go to the park so we spent an hour at cahill where the boys played ball, climbed and went down the slides.  back home, it was time for bath and bed.  i think max fell asleep within minutes tonight.  finn wasn't far behind.  i'm hoping i will be out within the hour.  busy week ahead..    

Friday, September 27, 2013

sunny and 80 degrees outside.  friday afternoon and an enjoyable weekend awaits.  watching max assemble new lego figures, finn playing a game on the ipad and brent cooking dinner.  i have nothing to complain about.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

max is doing well at school and enjoys being a first grader.  it is amazing to see how much he has changed since he started kindergarten last year.  he is much more confident and although max will always be on the shy side, he is becoming more outgoing each day.  he is forced to talk to adults and teachers at school, introduce himself and shake hands.  it is great for him.  it is so interesting to see how he interacts with the teachers and his friends at extended care when we pick him up.  he knows everyone, says hi and bye to friends around him and i am convinced we chose the best possible school and environment for our child.  max has become a great reader, does well in math, brings home lots of books about animals from the school library (seems the bigger and heavier the book the better..), learns spanish and music and art.  this morning, he got dressed in his khaki uniform shorts and gray polo shirt.  his dad helped him fix his hair just so.  my max - he looked so grown up.  he is so unbelievably handsome.

finn is doing great his second year of pre-school.  he loves going to school, spending time with his friends.  finn was moved up to become a "brave" (the middle group while the youngest is called "papoose" and the oldest "chiefs") in august with the rest of the 3-year olds and is very proud to be such a big boy!  finn is very opinionated and wants to do everything himself.  his favorite color is green, he likes to delay getting dressed for as long as possible every morning, isn't very fond of eating (bribing necessary) and loves to be center of attention and clowning around.  he wants to do everything his brother does and asks lots of questions.  just like his brother, he has been given the most beautiful and amazing eyes makes use of those baby blues to get what he wants any chance he gets...

my love for these boys cannot be measured.  they drive me crazy at times but i know most kids and their parents have their moments.. we are so blessed to have these perfect and beautiful kids.  i need to go and watch them sleep for a minute.  good night.