Wednesday, May 22, 2013

watching the news and seeing the horrific images of what is left of the homes and the schools after the oklahoma tornado..i feel so very sorry for all the people who lost their loved ones.  the parents who dropped off their kids in the morning, fully expecting to pick them up again at the end of the day...and not be able to.  how are they to go on?  my thoughts and prayers are with them, hoping they will find a way to heal with time.  i feel so very blessed to have my two beautiful boys safely asleep in their bunk beds.  i love them so much.        

Thursday, May 16, 2013

had to have it...

finally found a nightstand for our bedroom that i like!

Photos from St Martin's annual walk-a-thon - the kids had so much fun!

Recent visit to ice-cream shop

First time trying a sno-cone..

Max and his "leprechaun trap", created for school

Thursday, May 9, 2013

i am so very behind on my blogging!  a lot has happened in the last several weeks...

we celebrated easter with the uffelmans as we normally do.  the kids hunted for eggs in the backyard and played while we enjoyed a great brunch and several mimosas.

max was "star" person at school the following week which was perfect timing since my mom was visiting from sweden and was able to come along to school and be "shared" by max to all his friends.

mom was able to see max in action during one of his t-ball games.  we spent a day at happy hollow with both boys.  we took max to petroglyph to paint and show our creative side.

we celebrated my mom's birthday while she was here.  she and i took a day and spent it in san francisco.  we visited the de young museum for the vermeer exhibit "girl with a pearl earring" which was beautiful.  we stopped off in the cute fillmore area for a glass of wine and ended the day with a fantastic dinner at "waterbar", located just below the bay bridge.  the boys loved getting to know mom all over again.

the week after being "star" person, max was recognized in front of the school during friday mass.  we are so proud of our big boy who is so smart and amazing.

gail and dom came to visit for a long weekend.  they took the boys to monterey acquarium for a special day, brent and his dad got to go golfing and had a big family dinner.

the uffelmans placed their house on the market for sale and now just a couple of weeks later, they are in contract and the unthinkable will soon happen - our dear friends will be moving away!

brent and i discovered that we both have bad allergies to something (everything?) blooming this spring.  thank goodness for claritin..

i have spent quite a bit of time volunteering at the school during "hot lunch".  it is fun getting to know the people working in the kitchen and the teachers and the kids a little better.  i never tell max ahead of time when i am going to be there and it is fun to see him light up when he sees me.  he tried hot lunch last week (thursday = pasta day) for the first time during pasta day and now he wants it every week!

the kindergarten class hosted a "mother's day tea" event at the school this afternoon and it was absolutely precious.  the kids escorted their moms into the class room, showed off some of their recent work as a group and then, one by one, they were called up to introduce themselves, tell everyone their mom's name and with one word, describe their mom.  max chose the word "helpful" (which i think is a word he uses a lot at school in various settings...)  the kids presented us with a home made flower and they were all beautiful.  thereafter we all went outside to drink tea and eat strawberry shortcake.  everyone had a chance to be photographed with their child.  it was a beautiful afternoon and so very well organized.  i feel so proud of our boy and so blessed to have found such a wonderful school with such amazing people involved.  the teachers, the parents - together they make it so great.

Luke and Max after Mother's Day Tea Event at St. Martin.