Friday, February 26, 2010

Missing Daddy

Brent is in Dallas this week, due back tonight. We miss him terribly. On Wednesday evening, Max came to me and said "I'm real sad". When I asked him why he was sad, he replied "because I miss my Daddy so much". I just about started to cry! Thankfully, I was able to compose myselft and ensured him that Dad misses him too and loves him more than anything. He said to himself "Daddy misses me too"...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Funny phrases

Funny phrases by Max...

Calling us when he does not want to be in his room alone: "hey guys, come in here" or "hey guys, watch this"

In response to receiving help with something: "daddy/mommy, you are doing a great job"

He uses this often, especially just before bedtime: "I need five minutes, okay?"

In response to pretty much anything: "because I need Mickey Mouse first"


Spring has arrived! We are reminded yet again why we live in California. The trees are blooming, daffodils are seen all around the neighbor's yards (while I forgot yet again to plant some bulbs) and the weather last weekend was unbeatable. It was perfect since we (some of us) had a 3-day weekend. Max asked to go to the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz (surprise) to ride his "hecicopter" ride that he loves so much. Brent got to do some surfing so he was happy too. I was able to relax and sleep in which I very much needed. Life is good.