Thursday, June 11, 2015

today is max's last day of second grade.  on Saturday, he turns 8!  my sweet and loving boy is growing up so fast.  I think his year with mrs. Nicholson and ms. peskar has been a great one.  he has learned so much and has worked hard.  so very proud of him!
we love you max!

 baseball season is over.  finn played t-ball for the first time and absolutely loved it.  he was part of the Bulls team that max played on when he first started.  finn lives, breathes and sleeps baseball.  he kept his uniform close by his side at all times, even while sleeping!  the best part?  to finally receive the trophy!  he was so proud and happy and is already asking when he can play again! 

finn and his beloved trophy!

last game of the season

finn is #5
closing ceremonies

donut treats!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Our new home!

Here is an exterior photo of our new home!  We have owned it for a couple of weeks now and a lot has happened since.  We have had the entire inside of the house repainted, including ceilings and walls.  All the old tile floor in the downstairs foyer, dining room, on stairs and upstairs landing was removed and the original wood flooring found underneath, all in great shape.  One of the upstairs bedrooms had blue carpet which was removed.  Underneath, untouched, original beautiful wood flooring. All the floors have been refinished and the last coat of lacquer is being applied today!  The foundation guy has done his work.  We are just about there.  We move in next week and could not be more excited or ready!

blue carpet removed and hard woods revealed
demo time!