Friday, October 18, 2013

Carin and Julia visit!

carin & julia came to visit from austin last weekend.  she left mia and emma at home with jim and didn't know how ju-ju would do without her sisters.  she did just fine!  she was great on the flight both ways and with her having mom all to herself, she was a happy camper!  we spent some time at vasona park on saturday where marlene and lucy met up with us and just hung out in the backyard.  lots of trampoline time!  ju-ju liked hanging with the boys!  it was wonderful to have them here and finn and max have been talking about carin and ju-ju every day since they left.  finn thinks they are still on the big airplane on their way home..

Outing in the park followed by dinner outside

play time at the rosegarden park with friends, followed by dinner in the backyard.  

who's that?


Sunday, October 6, 2013

brent has worked hard in getting the back deck repainted and the patio spruced up.  we love our new lounge furniture and outdoor rug for the deck.  the dining table and bench was made from reclaimed wood by a local company.  it has a built in ice-bucket for the very important wine.  we searched for a while for the perfect metal dining chairs.  very happy with the overall result!

the boys are excited about halloween and today, we decorated the front door and the porch.  we bought lots of pumpkins and scary spiders and put up the cobweb.  here is how it went down.  looking pretty good i think.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

nearly 90 degrees outside today and it does not feel like Fall.  we had a lazy morning - needed it.  max and the avenger soccer team did well at their game today.  they didn't win, but they really have improved.  finn is asleep, finally.  he didn't make it easy today.  looking forward visiting friends this evening for dinner.  i love weekends.