Monday, February 18, 2013

max is off of school all week for winter break.  finn was off from school today since it is president's day.  i took the whole week off.  boy do i feel i need it.  it has been a rather stressful few months at work lately and i need some time to just chill out.  today, i took both boys to half moon bay.  unfortunately the weather wasn't nice but it wasn't nice in santa clara either.  we took lots of snacks, got a starbucks coffee for me on the way and had a nice drive to the coast.  there, we went for a mini hike and a stroll on the beach so the boys could just run and play and work off some energy.  after that, we had lunch at half moon bay brewery and sat right beside the fish tank which was a hit with max and finn.  on the way back, they were both very sleepy and when we got home, they both actually slept.  even max.  and me too.  the rest of the day we just hung out and played and relaxed.  the best part about today is that there has been no ipad use and only a little bit of TV.  the boys played pretty well together and had some snuggle time on the upper bunk together where they read books and ate crackers.  pretty adorable.  it has been a good day.

kindergarten projects and valentine's day

max and finn both exchanged valentine's cards with their class mates last week.  max had 35 to we broke up the task into a few days.  still, most of them were finished the night before..and honestly, some by mom.  on the night of valentine's day, we completed the "100th day of kindergarten" project.  the kids celebrated 100 days of kindergarten the week prior and were asked to prepare a poster or something else that could be displayed on the wall including 100 of something, such as buttons, M&Ms, beans or anything of their choice.  max wanted to use cheerios and counted out 99 of them and attached them with glue in the shape of a shark, one of his favorite animals.  piece #100 was an M&M and attached as the eye.  by the time we were done with the project and with feeding, bathing and getting the boys to bed, the fancy valentine's dinner brent had planned for me was going to be just too late...and we were both tired.  so, we decided to enjoy the dinner on saturday night instead since we had dinner plans out with friends on friday evening.  the dinner was worth waiting for!  he made port tenderloin medallions sauteed in a reduction of balsamic vinegar and all kinds of other yummy stuff and spices and served over smashed potatoes mixed in with sauteed shallots, green onions and herbs.  seriously, one of my all-time favorite dinners.  for dessert, flambeed bananas served with vanilla bean stop.  just too good.  thank you honey for a fantastic valentine's dinner, a few days after the actual day.  thank you for everything you do for me and for our boys!  i love you!  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

here are finally some photos from the boys' room.  max loves to sleep on the upper bunk and finn is proud to be in a big boy bed.  so glad it is done!


A little out of sequence (video is from our second trip this season). He's getting so much more comfortable and it's fun to watch him progress. Seems like he clears a new hurdle every time we go.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Party Rock

Just breakin' it down in The Gap. Totally unprovoked. Arm action at 00:18 is pretty sweet.

Three guesses how many of the clerks weren't cracking up...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Goodbye Pizza...

The proverbial light has come on. Finally, after countless hours of cajoling, bribery and the occasional downright arm bending, the infamous pizza wedge is on its way out. Adios greens and hello parallel turns (and not a moment too soon might I add).

Now if only I could get him to eat that pizza at lunch, we would truly be in business...

Monday, February 4, 2013

boys' room

we have been working on redecorating the boys' room and it is almost complete.  horacio repainted the walls and all the trim - it looks fabulous.  we used THE gray color that karen told me about that she originally heard about from her friend stephanie.  it is just the best gray color - ever.  horacio agreed.  last week, the bunk bed arrived and so did one of the mattresses, most of the bedding, the rug, dresser, drapes, lamp and the new closet doors.  max's mattress and duvet set will be arriving soon and then, we can call it "done" and snap a few pics.  finn has had a tough time staying put in his big boy bed...  he never climbed out of his crib so it was simple - you just put him in it and he didn't get out.  now, he is out of bed 15 times before he goes to sleep at night and every morning, we have a visitor in our bed anytime after 5:30am.. good times.