Sunday, December 1, 2013

max's christmas list

max has prepared his christmas list for santa.  we need to get it in the mail to the north pole soon.  and finn's letter too.  i have a feeling santa may respond to their letters this year.  we will see....

sunday evening, 8:20pm and we are beat.  what a great holiday weekend.  thursday was filled with fun at the uffelmans.  friday was a work around the house and yard day which felt productive.  on saturday we visited with the morelands for their traditional saturday after thanksgiving beach day/evening at the most amazing beach where the kids play for hours and hours.  and today we went up into the santa cruz mountains to cut down our christmas tree.  the boys had fun running around and looking for "the" tree.  max got to pick out the tree.  brent cleaned the gutters (while smiling..) in preparation for the hanging of the lights on the house.  max and i decorated the tree and saved a few items for finn to hang when he woke up from his nap.  we finished off the last bit of thanksgiving left overs and are now chilling on the couch while the boys are trying to go to sleep.  a lot accomplished in a few days and lots of great memories collected.