Sunday, June 23, 2013

i love how quiet it is in our neighborhood first thing in the morning.  like now.  completely quiet and so very peaceful.  max and i are hanging on the couch with our computers, finn and brent still asleep.  happy sunday!

Friday, June 21, 2013

kids asleep.  brent at a friends house.  alone time in front of tv, with ipad and a cup of tea.  so happy.

Monday, June 17, 2013

one weekend afternoon when finn and i were on our way home from target, a motorcycle passed our car.  finn is really into motorcycles right now.  the motorcycle was long gone but finn really wanted to see it again and asked where the man on the motorcycle went.  i said; "the man on the motorcycle went home to his house.  he was probably going to eat some dinner".  finn sat quietly.  then he said "when the man on the motorcycle went home and went into his house, did he take his shoes off"?  i thought to myself that this is simply awesome!  you see - in our house we remove shoes the minute we walk inside the door.  i can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear that finn is thinking about how others must remove their shoes too!  that's my boy!  so... i replied; "i am sure he did sweetie...i am sure he did".
the boys came home to find a surprise in the backyard today....a trampoline!!  they were super excited and got on it right away.
while brent enjoyed some time golfing with the guys on father's day morning, i took the boys to vasona park for some playtime.  vasona park is were the small steam engine train runs through that we have ridden numerous times before.  last time we were there, we realized that finn is petrified and no longer likes trains! he barely wanted to get out of the car and said over and over that he did NOT want to go see the train.  i promised.  although we were clear on the other side of the park over by the play structures and the cool old airplane and fire truck, he freaked out when he heard the train whistle.  our time spent at the park was cut short as finn took off running up the hill towards the car..poor guy.  

fun times in the backyard!

in lieu of a birthday party this year, brent and i took max and three of his friends (luke, charles and leo) to santa cruz for a birthday celebration!  we spent most of the day at the boardwalk where they rode lots of rides over and over, as many times as they wanted.  they were all brave enough for the haunted hotel and even the huge pirate ship!  we took a break for lunch and then continued the rides. we ended the day with some beach time.  the boys built castles and dug and got wet and sandy. none of them wanted to leave.  they were good boys and we loved spending time with them all.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dad is out of town since Thursday morning.  Both Thursday and Friday went fine in the morning with getting the kids to school.  However, I have to admit, it has been a bit challenging overall, being without Brent.  All the buttons have been pushed a few times each, for sure.. Karen and Brian have been life savers.  Brian picked up Max from school yesterday and in the evening we all enjoyed dinner out.  This morning, Max went to the closing ceremony at t-ball with Brian and Luke which was followed by the last game of the season.  Finn could not stop talking about baseball so instead of me putting him down for a nap, we went to watch the game.  Kind of screwed up the schedule for the rest of the day but oh well.  The weather was brutal...90 degrees and the kids were so hot.  After a shower, Max felt better and was happy to see Luke come over for a play date.  Finn sure was happy too.  He just follows Luke around.  Very cute.  We miss daddy and ant wait for him to get home.  Thanks Uffelmans for everything you do!  Heading to bed now.  G'nite